Sky Moon Furniture Trading LLC –Dubai, Warrants that:

1. Furniture purchased are defectless in manufacturing. 

As we have used high-quality material.  

2. The said warranty is valid for two years from the date of purchase. 

3. In the case of manufacturing defects if any,  Sky Moon Furniture will replace the same without any obligation. 

4. If the furniture has to revise or if any maintenance required; which as to be done in the laboratory, the Sky Moon Furniture Trading LLC company will provide substitute furniture until we deliver back the repaired original furniture. 

5. In the event of the purchaser not being satisfied with the maintenance work carried out during the Warranty period, Sky Moon Furniture agrees to refund the product cost

Put together by Specialists for Professionals :
Sky Moon Furniture Trading company (SMF) is one of a well-known planner, fabricator, and provisional of current office furniture that comforts establishment and profession acquire their decisive intention in the United Arab Emirates ( UAE). SMF feathers furniture remedies from our categories as well as other leading common brands that improve the involvement of work for your squad, aggregate-productivity and, in the final analysis, your organization overall favorable outcome

To fork over the prominent in office furniture remedies, SMF produces stretched ourselves with imaginative resources to offer modernistic lines of quality products. At the same time, SMF knows that actualizing accomplishable office surroundings is a precisely specimen effort. SMF consider truthful that it’s people who drive businesses, and SMF knows that the same attempts for yours. SMF mean delighted to approach most operative, imperishable, and within your means office furnishing remedies which we will make your place of work outlook from the contention.

Agreeable to this insubstantial in case a product collapses below everyday use because of an imperfection in materials or manufacture.   Sky Moon Furniture Trading company will.
 (I) fix or, at Skymoon's choice, supplant the influenced item at no charge, with another or revamped result of equivalent capacity, execution and quality or
 (ii) discount or credit of the price tag for the influenced item, at Skymoon's watchfulness, if Skymoon proclaims that fix or substitution isn't economically practicable or can't be conveniently made
I) An item "deformity" signifies a deficiency in the materials or quality of the item that

(I) existed at the date of conveyance concerning the subject from Skymoon to you and

(ii) makes a disappointment of the thing perform under everyday use as per the materials and documentation going with the item.

(ii) A "customary use" signifies utilization of the item (I) in conformance with all appropriate nearby, state, government or national laws, codes and guidelines (counting without constraint building and additionally electrical systems) and (ii) as per maker proposals as well as directions in the materials and documentation going with the item.
New parts secured for one year or the equalization of the original warranty, whichever is longer.

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