Adona Open Shelf Full Height Custom Made Bookcase Storage Cabinets Adona-OPS

Adona Open Shelf Full Height Custom Made Bookcase

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Full Height Open Shelf Modern Filing Cabinet & Bookcase 
Made from Egger Germany 18mm Thickness Boards 
Customizable to Any Size and Color Combination

Worksurface Finish
  • Egger®H1146 ST10 Grey Bardolino Oak
  • Egger®H1181 ST37 Tobacco Halifax Oak
  • Egger®H1400 ST36 Attic Wood
  • Egger®H3006 ST22 Sand Zebrano
  • Egger®H3700 ST10 Natural Pacific Walnut

Adona Open Shelf Full Height Custom Made Bookcase

Wooden Finishing & Materials Options

Laminate bonded boards are made of a wood-based support material (e.g. chipboard or MDF boards), onto which a decorative laminate is glued. An identical laminate is normally used on the front and reverse side. All decors in the EGGER collection can be combined with all the available support materials.Eurodekor decor chipboard is the standard board for furniture and interior design. Eurospan rawboard is used as a support material for dry interiors and is enhanced with a decorative melamine resin coating. The standard board Eurodekor E1 P2 is available in 130 decor and texture combinations

H1146 Gray Bardolino Oak

H1181 ST37 Tobacco Halifax Oak

H1400 ST36 Attic Wood

H3006 ST22 Sand Zebrano

H3700 ST10 Natural Pacific Walnut

H3704 ST15 Tobacco Aida Walnut

H1199 ST12 Black-Brown Thermo Oak

H3154 ST36 Dark Brown Charleston Oak

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